• Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company does not have life insurance on your spouse or children. Your spouse or children are only covered if you are enrolled in the optional insurance (Metlife) and you have designated the amount of coverage you want on your spouse and children. Your children can only have life insurance till age 19.
  • Any employee that is out of work and is receiving Accident & Sickness (A&S) benefits or State Workers Compensation should make sure they keep their doctor coverage up to date. If your doctor does not cover you, you will not receive a benefit.
  • You will have a $50 co-pay when you use the emergency room services and not admitted to the hospital.
  • If you have medical bills that have not been paid after three to four months, you need to contact the provider to see if claim or claims were filed properly. In some cases the provider will file claims with the wrong carrier, if this happens it will be noted on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Other times it could be an ineligible dependant, service not covered by the plan, wrong CPI codes etc, etc.
    Don't let the bill linger on until the provider turns it over to a collection agency. Once this happens it is hard to get that process turned around.
  • If you have an in-plant accident or illness and you must visit the plant hospital, what ever you report to the nurses, be sure you tell your doctor or any other health care provider the very same thing.
    A Worker's Compensation claim can be lost in the first 5 minutes at the work site or the first 5 minutes at the doctor's office.
    1. Benefits will be paid because of a disabling accident, sickness or pregnancy, while under the care of a doctor licensed to practice medicine. Benefits are payable from:
      1. the first day of disability due to an accident or occupational illness, or
      2. the eighth day of disability due to a non-occupational sickness or pregnancy, or
    • (*) the first day of hospital confinement prior to the eighth day, or
    • (*)the first day on which an employee under goes a surgical procedure for which a benefit is payable under the program, provided the employee has not worked the day of the surgery.
    * If you have surgery on your off day, you are entitled to A & S benefits for that day and any additional day or days that a doctor licensed to practiced medicine provides coverage.
    Making a claim for Workers Compensation Benefits
    1. You must protect your claim for workers' compensation benefits. II. It is your responsibility to notify the Industrial Commission of your claim and your responsibility to file your claim within the time limitations. Statue of limitations is two years.
    2. You must file your claim with the Industrial Commission within the time limits, even if your employer filed an accident report and even if your employer is making weekly compensation benefits or paying medical expenses.
    3. Failure to give notice within 30 days from the date of your accident or 60 days from the date of your occupational disease was diagnosed may affect your right to benefits.
    4. Report all accidents, even if the injury seems minor.? A small injury can develop into a serious problem.

    At some point and time, each and everyone of us has or will experience problems that consume our every thought.

    Personal problems cause absenteeism, tardiness, higher accident rates and faulty decision making. EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is a resource that all employees and their families can turn to for help with any problem imaginable.

    In the past, alcoholism and drug abuse were the engines that drove the EAP's. Today, we deal with a variety of impediments--work performance, personal life purposes, mental illness, depression, martial problems, adolescent behavioral issues, etc. Helping employees find help is far less costly than allowing personal problems to slowly destroy them, their family, friends or employment.

    The USW/Goodyear Employee Assistance Program provides confidential help to:
  • Address personal and family concerns that impact health, well being or job performance.
  • Obtain information and support in dealing with emotional problems, depression, alcoholism, drug dependency or other serious concerns.
  • Obtain counseling or treatment services for yourself and immediate family members.
  • These services are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.



    Contact your EAP Coordinator:
    Courtney Dixon

  • (434) 791-9155 Plant
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